Opportunity and Impact – February 2017

Our projects.

Ronel Paul reports that Ratang Bana, in Alexandra, is truly an oasis in the middle of Alexandra. The two former Ratang Bana children who now study education at Wits have both completed the first year of their studies with success through hard work and in spite of the #feesmustfall riots! Their needs for 2017 are much the same, i.e. housing, some personal things (i.e. clothes, stationary) and some pocket money to travel to the campus and back. If you want to join this effort, or sponsor food parcels for the Ratang Bana families in Alexandra (R250.00) please contact Ronel (082 921 6050) or Johan. Contribution towards the food parcels will qualify for a tax certificate.

Bring en Gee successfully distributed 150 food parcels to needy persons over Christmas. The food parcels were distributed in Claremont, Slovoville, and Cosmo City Isivuno suffered a setback in its development through fungus infecting some of the tunnels leading to a loss in production. Other vegetables such as beans and green peppers are still available and very popular.

After the successful Food parcels-project and before the winter-project Bring en Gee has a breather for the moment. The food parcels were distributed in Claremont, Slovoville, and Cosmo City.

Isivuno was setback in its development through fungus and rust that infected some of the tunnels and a whole lot of plants. Johan Niewoudt and Junior worked hard to find a solution and we are convinced that we have the remedy and strategy to win this battle. However, it means that for the next few weeks we will not be able to sell spinach. Other vegetables such as beans and green peppers are still available but in limited quantities.

But still, there is good news and new opportunities. Financially isiVuno is in a good position being able to cover its own costs, including repaying Homo Novus’s investment in the project. Other good news is that the bank group that sponsored the last three tunnels received an accolade for their support to us – Well done to Hannah and the team.

There is also an opportunity to expand our project to Mapela. The secondary aim is to help Simon Tsoeleng and his incredible schools ministry to become more independent from donations. We are waiting nervously but hopeful for feedback from a sponsor. Read more about Mapela’s School Ministry.

There exist new opportunities in Soweto and Kaya Sands to participate in or develop new projects. For that we will need significant amounts of support. If you are interested, or have ideas, let us know. In the mean time watch this space.

Homo Novus Community

Homo Novus are dependent on the public for support but want to contribute to our sponsors and donors. It is for this reason that we are developing a Business network and activities that could benefit businesses and the individuals involved. We also received the good news that we now have a BEE rating of level 4. Thus, companies can receive recognition for contributions towards skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development. One aspect of this win-win relationship is leveraging BEE and tax deduction to develop a meaningful value proposition that would benefit your business and our beneficiaries.  Our registration as a PBO is now completed and we are in a position to provide donors with a18 (A) certificate for donations received after 15 November 2016. There are certain rules regarding this. For instances not all donations are deductible, and organizations much provide proof that they used the donation for the intended purpose. Talk to Johan about what donation will qualify for a certificate. In broad terms donations to Marthastraat, Vision in Action’s Work readiness program, Bring en Gee, and isiVuno will qualify.

In short we want to develop win-win networks. We plan four events to build this win-win relationship.

  • On 25 March, the last weekend before the school holidays, we present a breakfast with Raimund Snyders, the CEO of Mutual and Federal. Raimund will speak on “The importance of the calling of business leaders in family and community relations.” I have met Raimund a few months ago and am really excited about the occasion. The costs will be R800 per table for 8 persons or R150 per individual.
  • On 10 June we will have a speaker that can unravel the maze of BEE legislation, and some feedback of business leaders that grabbed the opportunity with amazing results.
  • On 26 August we hope to have a prominent black business leader as speaker to guide through the world of politics and economics, land reform and the ANC leadership crisis and elections later this year.
  • The second Homo Novus golf day will be on 20 October 2017 at Killarney Country Club. A four ball will be R3 300.00 with opportunities for sponsorships and donations to our projects. We want to structure these in a way that your money would directly benefit a project, and that you can receive at least a tax benefit for participating in the golf day.

One way of doing this is by making a once off contribution of R6000 or more to one of our projects, and become an official member of our Homo Novus Community. For this you will receive tax-benefit, a table at each of our breakfasts, an invitation for you and a partner to play in our golf day, a special newsletter with special contributions from business leaders, a special gift, and the opportunity to win some good prices.



Homo Novus and Vision in Action has fixed monthly expenditure of R27 500. The fixed income is R16500. The shortage is made up through fundraising (golf day, breakfasts, and through Johan visiting congregations), project fees from other projects, and ad hoc donations from individuals. These figures exclude the income and expenditure of Bring en Gee, isiVuno and Marthastraat. It also excluded costs for the presentation of courses (such as fees for facilitators and specific marketing). However, we do charge these project a project fee of 10% linked to their monthly income. The standard in the non-government sector is 15%.

In order to provide support to these projects we need a better printer (R2000 per month) and support for our IT services, which is currently paid by the church, (R750 per month).

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