Homo Novus Projects

The mission of HNCP is to be a network partner for those who work and serve in the community, contributing expertise in training and the managing of projects.

HNCP was established in 1997 as a fundraising body for a satellite home of Abraham Kriel Child Care. Since 2002 it serves as the management body for a number of community projects. From 2002 until 2009, HNCP concentrated on Adult Basic Education in cooperation with the Gauteng Department of Education. Since 2010 the focus increasingly became the training of the unemployed youth for identified job opportunities and implementing a Work Readiness programme. In this venture, we cooperated with Jumpstart, the Jobs Fund (Dept of Labour) and a well-known retail group. From mid-2015 HNCP embarked on an exciting new phase in the organisation’s development when a full-time manager was appointed to increase the organisation’s capacity and expansion of HNCP’s reach and impact on the community.

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