The Bring-en-Gee charity shop raises money to donate and support programmes of other service providers for pre-school, after-school and orphans.

Bring-en-Gee receives donations (money and in-kind donations) from members of Fontainebleau Community Church, from members of the public, and from businesses. The in-kind donations range from clothing and kitchenware to furniture and golf sets. These donations are used to help other PBOs and individuals in need. The donated items that Bring-en-Gee cannot distribute are sold to raise money for projects in Cosmo City, Slovoville and other communities. Read more

Other Bring en Gee projects

Bring en Gee invites you to join our Christmas parent and children-project. The aim of the project is to mobilize 150 parent and or children to spread the spirit of Christmas – it is a spirit of hope, joy, love and peace.

Join a team that will give 150 buckets of food to needy persons and families in Cosmo City, Claremont and Slovoville.

Christmas Parents and Children

In Cosmo City Bring-en-Gee, in co-operation with Cosmo Christian Centre, provides food, toiletries and travel money for 20 elderly people in Cosmo City. They also assist with the provision of toys and other educational resources for ministry to primary school children at Cosmo Christian Centre.

For more information, call Magda Jooste on 082 924 0412.

In Buccleuch, North of Johannesburg, Hannah’s Home provides a safe place and care for children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. Clothing and money for medicines are donated from the proceeds of the Bring-en-Gee shop.

In Zandspruit, Buleka cares for 10 small children on a daily basis. She is in need of assistance to develop safe, healthy and proper facilities for the children to be stimulated and assisted in their development and growth.

The special care unit of the Parksorg Retirement Home also receives donations of toiletries.

For more information about these three projects, contact Fienie van der Merwe on 083 714 5943.

Bring-en-Gee has two projects that are seasonal. During the winter months they take hands with MES and other organisations to collect and distribute 300–400 blankets. Many of these blankets are donated by members of Fontainebleau Community Church. During December, food parcels are made to give to the needy. The needy are often left without food when feeding schemes and food kitchens close for the summer holidays.

For more information on these seasonal projects, contact Judy van Zyl on 083 296 1189.

In Slovoville, West of Soweto, Ubuhlebethemba is a special partner of Bring-en-Gee. Ubuhlebethemba Community Project provides aftercare for 50+ children in the Slovoville area, support single parents, care for those affected by HIV and AIDS, the elderly in the community, and other people with various needs.

The aftercare project provides food, intellectual and social stimulation, assistance with educational projects, assistance with study methods, a basic library, and an information centre. Bring-en-Gee assists with the provision of food, vegetables, toiletries, as well as taxi fares for children to attend schools. Every year Bring-en-Gee runs a special Christmas project for children.

For more information on this exciting project, contact Magda Jooste on 082 924 0412, or contact Pastor Sipho Bembe on 083 688 9234/011 986 1259.